About us


My name is Allan Young; I am the Managing Director and co-founder of Oven Sheen Ltd, which was formed in 2006 along with my wife Sam.


The first time I saw an Aga was in 2006 on a oven cleaning course, and it was literally love at first sight. I'd never seen a cooker like it before, and to be honest it's not the sort of thing you would normally come across growing up on a council estate in South East London. Cleaning an Aga reminds me of valeting a prestigious classic car, with all that lovely chrome and beautiful enamel paintwork. So I spent the next few years perfecting our cleaning methods to get the best results possible, I started using a steam cleaner and switched to vitreous enamel safe products . We’ve cleaned Aga's that are a few years old and ones that are over 30 years old with remarkable results. Aga's are well known for there longevity, with some cookers still operating after more than 50 years.


We don't just clean Agas, we have cleaned over 10,000 ovens; hobs; extractors and barbecues over the year's. We've cleaned for some interesting and amazing people along the way, from all walks of life. We've been interviewed by the Times newspaper supplement "Bricks & Mortar", provided before and after pictures for the BBC for a show called Homes Live, and cleaned the ovens on set on for the Lorraine Kelly show on ITV, and we've also done work for food magazine Delicious, and more recently we provided our oven cleaning service for a family featured in the BBC One Series "DIY SOS: The Big Build'. None of this would be possible, without many of our loyal customers who continue to recommend and use us time and time again, without them, we wouldn't exist as a company, and we are very grateful for all the support we have been given over the years.