Our Aga Cleaning Process


Aga's look different to conventional ovens which makes them very unique. To maintain these looks, spills and splashes should be cleaned off regularly and you should deep clean your Aga at least once a year, otherwise your Aga could age prematurely, your chrome and enamel will look tired and over time you may need to re-enamell your Aga due to the corrosive effects of baked on fats and spills, which could be costly. 
Dip Tank

All the dirty removable parts like the oven shelfs, etc are removed and placed to soak in our specially fitted cleaning tank that is situated in the back of our Oven Sheen van, after a few hours they are removed from the cleaning solution and rinsed off with fresh water and dried. 

Aga cleaning service

We then steam clean all the grease and grime from the top of your Aga, paying special attention to the simmering and hot boiling inner and outer chrome lids as well as the black enamel top plate. Depending on the condition of your Aga, the enamel top may appear dull compared other part of your Aga, this is usually down to wear and tear, the only solution to this is having your top plate renamelled. 

Aga cleaning service

The doors are removed so we can clean all that burnt on brown fat that you usually find on the inner skin of your door. In doing so restoring the original silver finish, we then clean the silver inner lip at the front of your ovens. Your ovens do clean themselves to a point; they still need brushing out with a wire brush to remove carbonised spills. 

Aga cleaning service

Most of your Aga is cleaned by hand using vitreous enamel safe products, then the finishing touch, which is my favourite, is cleaning and buffing your enamell and chrome until it shines. Quite a few of our customers have a spare conventional oven and hob, which they use in the summer months while their Aga is switched off, you could benefit from the additional services we offer by having these appliances deep cleaned at the same time as your Aga.