Aga valeting, lid and door renovation 

Aga's are well known for lasting many years if looked after properly. Like most well used items you may own they do suffer from wear and tear, and would benefit from replacement parts from time to time. That's where we can help you, not only can we can valet your Aga to a high standard, we can also replace worn out and tired looking parts for you, with high quality new ones, giving your Aga a fresh lease of life.
Aga lid liners/undersides and heat seal replacement

Your Aga under lid liners take the brunt of your cooking. They help deflect heat and act as a splash-back. They are in constant use, and over time they corrode and lose their heat reflective properties. Your Aga would benefit hugely with new shiny reflective liners and replacement heat rope seals.

Replacement door heat rope seals

As with the lids, over time dirty door liners lose their heat reflective properties and damaged seals add to heat loss.
We can resolve this problem by replacing your Aga door with new heat rope seals.


New shiny chrome domes

If your Aga chrome lids are looking scuffed and dull, then why not let us replace them for you with beautiful sparkling new ones.

Renewing lid and door insulation for your Aga

The old insulation lagging, inside your Aga range cooker chrome domes and door liners, can become compressed and deteriorate over the years, and start losing its insulating qualities. We can replace this for you with our new modern-day ceramic insulation blanket, with superior thermal retention properties, helping your Aga become much more efficient in retaining heat.